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In 2011, Kyushu University has celebrated the centennial of its foundation. During its research and educational activities, more than 7.5 million specimens and archives have been collected and kept by various institutions separately.

The Kyushu University Museum was established in April 2000 for the purpose to unify the scattered specimens and to facilitate them for education, research and public uses. The museum has been managing those collections in cooperation with faculties and staffs of other institutions in Kyushu University.

Collections & Exhibitions

The collections cover various fields: specimens of insects, plants, fossils, mammals, fishes, minerals, human bones and natural medicines as well as valuable archives.
Representatives of the collections are displayed at the main gallery in the Hakozaki campus. Once a year, an extramural exhibition is organized at a regional museum in Fukuoka.


The museum provides a course for students to be qualified as curators. Museum exhibitions are utilized for several classes of graduate courses. Also, our museum holds various lecture meetings opening to the public.

Campus Relocation and The Museum

Kyushu University is currently developing a new campus in Ito, western Fukuoka. We are making exertions through various activities to establish a new museum building in the Ito Campus.



The Kyushu University Museum Fund

The Kyushu University Museum launched the Museum Fund to accpet donations from the public. The Museum welcomes your supports on its variety of activities through donations.

How to Make A Donation

1, Please download and fill out our Donation Form.
Donation Form:PDF/WORD.

2, Please contact our office for prior confirmation.

The Kyushu University Museum Office
Mail: office [at] museum.kyushu-u.ac.jp

3, Please submit the original form to the office by postal mail.

Postal Address: The Kyushu University Museum Office
6-10-1 Hakozaki Higashi-ku Fukuoka 812-8581 Japan

4, The office will return a letter and a form for bank transfer.
(A check payable to Kyushu University might be accepted. Please contact our office in advance.)

5、Kyushu University sends a receipt when the donation is received and confirmed.
Please keep the receipt. The receipt might be used for tax benefit.

Important Notices About The Donation

1, A donation to the Kyushu University Museum Fund is regarded as a donation to Kyushu University designating the museum as its recipient. Please check here for detailed information about the donation to Kyushu University.

2, There are some specific conditions we cannot accept a donation. Please read here to check the conditions.

3, Please contact the Museum Office for inquiries about donations.

The Kyushu University Museum Office
TEL +81-92-642-4252
Mail office [at] museum.kyushu-u.ac.jp