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World of Insect Specimens


Jan. 20th (Sat.)- Mar. 11th (Sun) 2018
CLOSED on Feb. 20th (Tue.) and Feb. 21th (Wed.)


Adv.: adult ¥300, student ¥200, door: adult ¥400, student ¥300
(*Free admission for elementary school students and below, as well as Artium Card Members and Mitsubishi Estate Group (IMS card) members)

Place: Mitsubishi Estate Artium
 8F IMS 1-7-11, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Insects attract us by their diversity.
Three to five million species are assumed to exist in the world, and many new species are still discovered every year.
When we observe them, we are immediately impressed by their diverse form.
Their shape and coloring are often beyond our imagination.
Then we recognize that natural creatures have a different kind of beauty than human-made artworks.
This exhibition, featuring our insect specimens, will bring out the unique charm of them to the maximum.

Our exhibition space may remind visitors of their childhood days playing with many insects,
science class rooms in juvenile novels, or a historic museums they visited traveling Europe.

Please enjoy your visit to our beautiful world of insect specimens.



Host | Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Art Gallery Mitsubishi Estate Artium, The Nishinippon Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Co-Host | The Kyushu University Museum
Supervision | Munetoshi Maruyama (The Kyushu University Museum)
Auspices | Fukuoka City Government, Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion
Support |  Gentosha Inc.