Research representative: Prof. TAKEYA, Shun-ichi
(Admission Center)

 The education of senior high school students in the zeroth grade before entering university by working in close cooperation with senior high schools and the improvement in the university's way of screening the applicants.
 It is for yourself that you study and learn at university. That is why you are required to think about what to do in the future. Some senior high school students can realize their dreams and others cannot. However, thinking about your future is very important. The process of thinking about your own future will enable you to take good care of yourself and lead you to a better decision on your future course.
 You should investigate your university in advance and begin to study about university. You should choose the university where you can put your dream and hope and make them last ever after entering university by knowing about it through any media of it. ---"Is study interesting?", "Is learning important?", "How can I attend to my studies?", "What could I do at university?", "What could the university do for me?---any questions which occurred to you are to be cleared gradually by gathering information. The attitude will help you find a way for your future, which would be the very first orientation toward the university.
 Kyushu University provides you with various information. Help yourself to these to know Kyushu University a lot!
 One of Kyushu University's way of screening applicants is called "AO selection." In AO selection, applicants must fill in an application form themselves and have an interview, and will surely be asked by examiners,"Why Kyushu University?" The students accepted by Kyushu University in that way generally feel more strongly that they want to study at the university and more satisfied with university life than the other students accepted with high scores of written tests on school subjects.
 If you choose and enter a university through the process of thinking and knowing about it well, you will live your university life to the fullest and enrich your future.
Special thanks to Mai Takemoto and Keisuke Maruo