Research representative: Assoc. Prof. FUKAGAWA, Hiroshi
(Graduate School of Economics)

Ā@We have launched this project to make it the core of Asian Studies at Kyushu University. Kyushu is a highly suitable place for Korean studies, because it is closer to the Korean Peninsula than the other major cities in Japan, such as Tokyo or Osaka. This geographical advantage will become increasingly more important, as the regional society of Kyushu is increasingly affected by globalization. Some industries in the Kyushu regional area have already made direct exchanges with similar industries in Korea. These direct exchanges have been driven by both drastic industrial transformations, and dynamic management tactics in some industries within both countries. We are presently engaged in the study of this new aspect of industrial exchange between the two countries. This project is divided into two parts: a Korean study group and an academic exchange group. In the Korean study group, we are planning to publish “The Korean Studies Articles” in the near future. As for the academic exchange group, we have held several workshops and published the discussion papers from those workshops. The summaries of the papers are also open to the public on the workshop,s Internet homepage, (see the www address below) . We have had many responses on line from all over Japan.