Research representative: Prof. Tojo, Nobumasa
(Research Center for Coal Mining Materials)

 The history of Kyushu University dates back to 1911 and the founding of the Kyushu Imperial University colleges of Medicine and Engineering established in Fukuoka City, Kyushu Island, Japan. At that time Kyushu was one of the centers of the Japanese coal industry. Since that time a significant amount of coal related research has originated from Kyushu University.

 Kyushu University has a strong historical relationship with other geographical area of Asia and an impressive track record of cooperation and long term relationships with Asian people and researchers. As part of a determined internationalization program, Kyushu University has put special emphasis on "Asian research"as a primary academic focus.

 Please consider the importance of coal to the energy requirements of Japan. Coal currently accounts for approximately 18% of the primary energy consumed by Japan and imported coal accounting for about 97% of the total domestic Japanese coal requirements. These facts highlight the critical importance of the Japanese overseas coal supply.

 This project is being initiated with the goal of developing rational extraction of coal from coal mines located in the Asian region, and to promote a stable supply of coal for Japan. This project specifically involves the investigation of the following four subjects:


Japanese Coal Mining Policy and Coal Mining Technology Development in the Postwar Period

Japanese Coal Features, Coal Mining Technology, and International Coal Mining Cooperation
iii. International Cooperation for Energy Development and Consumption in Asia
iv. Environmental Considerations of Coal Thermoelectric Power Generation in China
Project Members at Ikeshima Coal Mine

At the Coal face in Kushiro Coal Mine provided by Mr. Yoshihiro Hagiwara