Active director: Takeo Ogawa, Ph.D.
Professor, Faculty of Human-environment Studies
For the Active Ageing in East Asia
The approaching social agenda of population ageing has become a world concern, partly because of rapid growing of aged population, but also because of geographical expanding from developed countries to under-developing countries. Especially, many policy makers and social planners are interested in the social changes in East Asia, which is in accordance with population ageing.

Japanese perspectives and experiences on population ageing will be useful meanings for East Asia countries, because of the advancement, the rapid harmonization, and the applicability.

We are now constructing social programmes of the active ageing beyond promoting healthy ageing.

Our faculties in Kyushu University will have to contribute for researches, educations and counseling on ageing in East Asia, collaborating with international, domestic and local sectors. Our mission will be the development of interdisciplinary programmes and evaluation researches on ageing.