Prof. Kazunari SASAKI
Faculty of Engineering Sciences with a corporation of Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering Research Institute for Applied Mechanics
Environmental compatibility of energy technologies is one of the most important technological issues in 21st century. In the Chikushi Campus of Kyushu University, various research activities are going on to establish environmentally-compatible energy technologies, including fuel cells, solar cells, thermoelectric energy conversion, power generation using wind, wave, and tide, biomass and hydrogen energy technologies, advanced energy storage technologies, as well as the relations between energy and society.
In this P&P (C-type) project, we have established an advanced educational program which consists of the new lecture course "Future Soft-energy Technologies" for undergraduate students of all faculties, open lecture course on "Environmentally-compatible Energy Technologies: From nuclear fusion to soft-energies", "Audio-Visual Library on Energy Technologies", as well as "Soft-Energy Seminar of Kyushu University". This comprehensive program enables us to organize educational courses for various audiences within and outside the university and to establish new research projects with e.g. industries.