Head Investigator: Hitoshi INOUE (Computing and Communications Center)
It is necessary for the improvement of educations to introduce some information systems to help works of the teachers such as communication with students in the class, management of assignments, and/or learning results, in universities, colleges or high schools. WBT systems such as WebCT are very the best for the purpose. So we started the attempt of experimental introduction and use of WebCT.
・Introduce the WBT system (WebCT)
・Experimental use in classes of various faculty
 - Get know-how in running the system
 - Get know-how in education (use in the class)
・Form the community of teachers who use WBT system or other IT systems
・Made more than 50 courses and used in more than 20 classes
・Held several workshops for use and/or contents creation of WebCT
・Wrote articles to introduce WebCT and cases of use in newsletters
・Talked about our project in serveral universities and several conferences
Future Plans
・Enhance the assistance to users
 - Maintenance and equipment of the documents
 - Increase assistants
・Expand the user community inside our university
 - Accumulation and circulation of expertise, know-how and created materials
・Make continued efforts to appeal to each faculties, seniors and facilities