Prof. ESAKI, Tetsuro
(Institute of Environmental Systems) 

 This research is to establish a campus-wide independently distributed GIS-based spatial information infrastructure incorporated with various research projects of different discipline in Kyushu University to facilitate advanced spatial information utilization under the general purpose of supporting education, research and administration (facility management), and this system will also strategically become a important basic information infrastructure for future science and research park development of Kyushu university. At present 3 bases of this campus-wide spatial information infrastructure are established. Every base is consists of a spatial database sever and a WebGIS sever using ESRI GIS software and DBMS(Oracle). Furthermore, a GIS data clearing house has been established and become a important base in west Japan for a nation-wide distributed GIS data clearing house. It is concluded that the established system can effectively support and facilitate advanced GIS spatial information utilization and GIS application development in the future.

   System concept

Campus WebGIS
GIS application: 3D campus landscape